Please see pages 7 through 9 of the 2017 Syllabus for a full listing of all Honours Awards, inlcuding a note about general eligibility for Awards.


Instrumental Awards

Instrumental Award

This is a bursary of $100 presented to the most outstanding participant in the competitive classes of the Instrumental Division. This bursary is provided to help participants further their musical education, and is open to students of any instrument, except piano.

Guitar Seller Instrumental Awards

Details will be provided at a later time.

McDonalds Restaurant Challenge Trophy- Awarded in 2015 to William Newberry

This is an Adjudicator's Choice award, presented as a trophy and a $100 Bursary to the best all-round participant in the instrumental section of the Cariboo Festival. Eligible students must perform at least two contrasting solo pieces, as well as perform in a group (i.e. Duet, Ensemble or Band).

TubaJohn Encouragement Awards

This Adjudicator's Choice award includes four $25 bursaries for a total of $100 to be given to younger instrumental participants showing promise.

Bill Downey Memorial Award

This $25 bursary will be awarded to the youngest fiddle player entered in the Festival.

Rotary Best Band Award

This perpetual plaque is awarded to the band that acheives the highest gold-level standing.


Old Time Fiddlers Ensemble Award

This is a $150 Bursary and will be awarded to the top Ensemble group (any instruments) achieving a Gold standing.

E. G. Woodland Bursary

This Bursary is presented to a participant of outstanding ability and musical talent who has competed in the Senior Division as a soloist. This $150 bursary is provided to help a participant further their musical career and is open to students of any instrument.