Some questions have "i" buttons beside the question that you can click on to learn more about how to respond.

Payment method: Paypal is the quickest method of paying, and we do appreciate your use of this method. If you cannot use Paypal, you can pay by cheque or cash, however keep in mind that we must receive the payment by February 10th at the latest. Make cheques out to Cariboo Festival Society. Enclose a note with your cheque or cash indicating what you are paying for. It could be a print off of the confirmation you will recieve after you register, or simply a note indicating the name of the participant, the discipline, and the class they've registered for.  Address: 629 Pinchbeck Street, Williams Lake, BC, V2G 1E6

Name: If you are registering a Choir, Band, Ensemble, or School group, use the NAME of the group as the first name, and the name of the conductor as the last name. Examples- Happy Youth Choir would be a first mane, and John Doe would be last name.

Male/ female/ NA: Use N/A for any group entry (choir, band, ensemble, school group).

Age: Please use the registrant's age as of December 31, 2017, NOT 2018. So in other words, how old was the person this past Christmas :).

Please ensure spelling of the registrant's name is correct. This is what will be going into the schedule.

What colour is the box? It is Orange, not Red, so type Orange.

Please be patient with the system, as it may take a few seconds or minutes for your registration confirmation to come in. If you get a blank screen or an error, just close off and come back a few seconds later. Check your email inbox to see if registration confirmation has come through before you register again.