Please refer to pages 7 through 9 of the 2017 Syllabus for a full listing of Honours Awards, including a note about general eligibility.


Vocal Awards

Cariboo Festival Bursaries

These bursaries are awarded each year to those participants who have attained gold level and the highest mark in the concert classes of junior, intermediate and senior categories. The amount awarded is $100 to each level. In the Junior A and Junior B levels the award will be split, giving a bursary of $50 to each.

Primary Concert Class Award

A trophy is awarded to the participant who has attained the highest Gold standing in the Primary Concert class.

Primary Musical Theatre Award

A trophy will be awarded for the highest Gold standing on a single Musical Theatre piece.

Musical Production Awards

Bursaries of $50 will be given to the participants earning the highest Gold standing on two (2) contrasting Musical Production pieces at the Jr. A, B, Intermediate, and Senior levels.

Choral Hi-Point Adult Choir Award

This $100 bursary is given to the highest scoring choir that attains a Gold level standing.

Choral Hi-Point Youth Choir or Ensemble Award

This perpetual award and keeper trophy will be given to the highest scoring youth choir at the Gold standing level.

Choral Directorship Award

This award of $100 is given to the Choir Director who has displayed the highest qualities of directing. Adjudiator's Choice Award.

Acorn Encouragement Awards

These Adjudicator's Choice awards are $25 each (two in total) for "up and coming" participants who show commitment and dedication to singing, and working with the adjudicator. Not limited to Gold standing performances.