2015 Cariboo Festival Participant Requirements

All Cariboo Festival participants and their family and friends in attendance are asked to please follow these rules for the benefit of other participants, adjudicators, and Cariboo Festival committee members and other volunteers.

  1. Cariboo Festival participants may only use published originals or documents available in the public domain. Photocopied music, scores, stories, poems and scripts are not allowed under any circumstances.
  2. To conform to privacy and copyright laws and to avoid distracting participants, cameras, video cameras, tape recorders and cell phones may not be used during performances and adjudications. Time is scheduled for photos after each class. Exceptions may be made for press or photographers designated by the Cariboo Festival Society.
  3. Children are welcome at performances. However, in fairness to the adjudicator and performers, if a child becomes noisy or disruptive, the accompanying adult is asked to please remove the child from the venue.
  4. Please keep the Cariboo Festival scent-free for everyone.


Thank you!